Pure CBD Isolate Tincture

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CBD isolate tincture demonstrates several benefits, including relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Enjoy a wide variety of flavors and greater control over your serving size—as well as options like high potency, standard potency, and THC free.

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CBD Isolate Tincture is made with pure Hemp isolates containing 0% THC.

We want everyone to have access to potent, high-quality tinctures. The greatest option for people who prefer THC-free goods is  CBD isolates tincture. We are pleased to provide our Pure CBD Tincture in different cannabinoid potencies of 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 3000 mg. Dropper bottle for easy do.

 Ships to all 50 states in 2 business days on average. Artificial fillers, colors, and preservatives are not used in our formulations. Currently exclusively offered in the United States.

Suggested Use:

Take up to two doses of 1 ml each day.

It should be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.

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1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg

19 reviews for Pure CBD Isolate Tincture

  1. Brandon Jackson

    Best CBD I’ve found and it doesn’t break the bank! I have tried many CBD‘s over the last few years and some left a bad taste, others burn a hole in your wallet. I gave HempexMD a shot and was amazed at the quality and the price point. I am a forever customer!

  2. Dorothy Johnson

    The CBD isolate is a great way to calm the sympathetic nervous system after hard workouts. It helps me recover and be ready for the next hard workout.

  3. Tony Davis

    Tinctures have helped my son with autism so unbelievably well. His anxiety has gone way down and has been replaced with relaxed, calm and happy manner.

  4. Shevy Gerdts

    I have used other CBD drops before but this one definitely takes the cake.

  5. Sophia Matin

    Works great

  6. Rachel Pollack

    I love this product so much. It has really helped me get to sleep quickly.

  7. Elisa Azadbakht

    Helps with sleep and anxiety, very thankful.

  8. Gabrielle Dube

    A great buy for the money and works better than expected

  9. August Erickson

    I was skeptical, but it helped me fall asleep. I occasionally experience insomnia, but this helped me sleep better. While I won’t claim that nothing else works better, it has so far been beneficial to me. I have informed my pals and am appreciative that it is working. I hope it keeps going. I’ve tried a few other CBD products, but I can’t say they worked. I enjoy how well HalfDay is working for me.

  10. Devin Wiebelt

    Definitely helped ease me throughout the day and night.

  11. Julia Bila

    This CBD Tincture was amazing! It instantly eased my anxiety and took the edge off of the little things. With good sleep, diet and exercise, this CBD oil has many medicinal benefits that are natural. Thoroughly impressed with the product.

  12. Bryan Felipe

    Great sleep aid. Works just as well on anxiety. Sleep has gotten so much better. I sleep through the night for the first time in a long time.

  13. Bryan Guarnieri

    Taking this in the morning and evening Changed my life. I can’t remember the last time I took any pain reliever since he used CBD. Oh, my aches and pains are gone!

  14. Monty Ball

    I feel fortunate to have made these purchases. Everyone should “try it” since you’ll see a difference with the first dose, in my opinion. I appreciate the high quality of your merchandise.

  15. Jack Hamilton

    I really like this CBD tincture. It works so well for my anxiety and stress.

  16. Ashley Rodriguez

    I’m a big fan of CBD, and after trying a few various kinds, I can say that this is among the greatest tinctures I’ve ever discovered. Within 30 minutes I already feel more relaxed and less pain in my body. I put it in my coffee and put a little bit on my tongue. Both were excellent for me. So yes recommend 100%!!

  17. Melissa C.

    I have numerous joint issues, and despite taking various “joint health” supplements, nothing has changed. Well, CBD has proven effective, and these folks have quality CBD. Each day, take one dropper to prevent pain. Not to mention all the other health advantages I’ve observed, like improved sleep. Not that it’s a panacea, but this substance helps if you have any aches, anxiousness, or difficulties falling asleep. To treat her anxiousness, my wife takes it.

  18. Daniel Shaw

    My life has been revolutionized by this HempexMD CBD. This product helps me with my anxiety. I only recently started, but I believe it is beginning to work! I didn’t expect anything to happen at all, but I genuinely feel better rested and less anxious when I wake up thanks to this remedy, which is very helpful. It helps me relax when I’m anxious about anything. And I take it at bedtime and it helps me sleep better. So in my opinion, I think this stuff is great! Highly recommended!

  19. Laura Mueller

    This product makes me feel more calm and relaxed. It is great to take before bed to help sleep better too.

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