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The ideal pain-relieving treatment for pain, cramping, and joint and muscular issues is HempexMD CBD Pain Freeze. For long-lasting treatment, a powerful dose of CBD is coupled with a cold therapy massage.

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The Ultimate CBD Pain Freeze for Topical Application

CBD Pain Freeze contains 1000mg pure CBD isolate powder for long-lasting relief that produces cumulative results.
  • CBD Pain Freeze contains camphor, arnica, and menthol in a deeply penetrating formula that works quickly to provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains.
  • Menthol scent quickly dissipates. Quickly absorbs into skin. No greasy residue.
  • Use up to 4 times per day; safe for daily use.
  • Convenient 3-ounce tube contains a non-greasy, clear gel formula for on-the-go comfort & relief for muscle, body and joint pain.
  • Cool when applied; warmth after application that lasts up to an hour.
  • Localized treatment. Apply directly to sore muscles and joints. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and broken skin. Do not ingest.
  • Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Pain Freeze

Is CBD Pain Freeze legal?
Yes, purchasing and selling HempexMD CBD Pain Freeze is permitted by federal law. Our Pain Freeze includes CBD that has been infused from industrial hemp, a plant that has 0% THC and high-quality CBD. Our high-quality CBD product can benefit your health.
How much CBD Pain Relief should use?
Camphor, arnica, and menthol are ingredients in CBD Pain Freeze, a swiftly acting topical solution that temporarily relieves mild aches and pains. A little goes a long way when using HempexMD CBD Pain Freeze. The amount of pain or soreness that may be covered by a finger scoop of our high-quality CBD Pain Relief will depend on the location of the discomfort. Applying extra rub may be appropriate if the discomfort is more severe. Up to four times a day is when we advise applying our Pain Relief.
Why to choose HempexMD?
We are certified hemp cultivators that value leading active, healthy lives. We are also fitness lovers. We have worked in farming for more than 40 years and the healthcare sector for more than 15 years. HempexMD stands apart from competing businesses because of our expertise in the field and our enthusiasm for health and wellbeing. We help our clients in living healthy lifestyles because we think that health is a way of life, not a miracle cure. We want to make sure you are getting a great product that is good for your health. Additionally, HempexMD quality control is complemented by our excellent and professional customer service. Make sure to select HempexMD, the CBD brand that prioritizes your health, when taking care of yourself.

20 reviews for CBD Pain Freeze

  1. Kathy

    Absolutely amazing pain relief!

  2. Chris Jordan

    What a pain relief it is! Never used such a product like this.

  3. Walter C.

    Works well for soothing occasional muscle soreness and fatigue. Good price compared to similar products, and without a loss in quality as a result. Plus it smells amazing!

  4. Meri

    This has been the most effective pain relief balm so far. Have tried and tested similar ones, but this one always stands out.

  5. Momma Dukes

    I bought this to treat tendonitis in my knee. I tried four other products but none worked as well as this product! The product went on easily and was not greasy. It did not stain. Within 30 mins I had relief from pain and swelling. I will buy this product again. I highly recommend this product.

  6. Becky Adkins

    This was the first time I tried this I must say they have gone above and beyond With this product.

  7. Kenny Zhang

    This stuff is amazing. I don’t know where it has been all of my life!

  8. Mendy Margaretten

    🤔Excellent Quality CBD 🥶muscle rub,very strong icy hot sensation!!!🔥. This will last a long time and is really effective for tired,sore,& 😃achy muscles, especially when used in combo 😁w/their cbd hand & body lotion. I really love this 😏product, truly a cut-above other products that I’ve 😆tried & it doesn’t take much to relieve tRead more about review stating 🤔Excellent Quality CBD 🥶muscle rub,veryhe pain as only a small amount, about the 😉size of a dime will generally be more than enough to do the trick.!!!👍

  9. Natalie C

    Very good. Used it for a few years with great results.

  10. Andrea Atkinson

    Product efficacy is consistent. Shipping was fast

  11. Andrea H.

    My back has fractured twice in the same spot. I endured chronic pain for years before beginning to use your CBD about two years ago. I haven’t experienced the same level of discomfort since then. I heartily endorse this item.

  12. Maria Shishkova

    For me, this has been a miracle. I had plantar fasciitis, but since using this on my foot a few years ago, I have not experienced any pain.

  13. Rafael Albarracin

    It really helps with the pain use it every night.

  14. Destiny P.

    Good product. Easy to use. Thanks

  15. Martin Navarrete

    I love this product it has been a big relief for my knee pain.

  16. Kristine Rodriguez

    Use it on my hands, relieves the pain. Better than Drugs!!

  17. Andrea Atkins

    It works great. I love it

  18. Shelley Luzaich

    Best pain reliever ever

  19. Kristie Staton

    I have been using this product for years. I have tried numerous other creams and HempexMD works the best. I also like the part where the odor goes away in a very short period of time. For me, this product has the most bang for the buck.

  20. Anthony Blenman

    Amazing, this Pain Freeze. My back hurts constantly, and some days I can hardly move. I apply it carefully to the region that is hurt. It aids in easing a great deal of discomfort. My discomfort can range from 8 to 9 on the pain scale, but this massage can reduce it to 4-5, which is closer to the typical agony I experience each day. There are certain days when I wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed without this massage. I got it for a buddy who was in a lot of discomforts after having knee surgery lately. She was astounded by how much it reduced her suffering. She can now complete her PT exercises extremely comfortably, and the subsequent discomfort has also significantly subsided. I highly recommend this product to anyone with constant pain!

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